When you start a business, often friends and family are your main supporters, I’m very lucky because they’re also some of my best customers.  It’s a product that people want – I don’t know many people who don’t like cake, and I know plenty of people who need cakes for lots of different occasions.  I’m so enormously grateful to them for letting me experiment and build my portfolio whilst being paid!

One of my best friends lives in Switzerland which of course poses some logistical challenges for transporting perishable, delicate goods. So far, however, we’ve managed to fly back cookies on sticks and cupcake toppers on Easyjet and posted a sugarpaste chameleon that made it almost intact (the small amount of damage could be easily hidden once it was on the cake). The next challenge was a bit bigger – how could I make something as a thank-you to various people in London and get it from Kent without the cost of a courier…

Then I remembered seeing boxes that claimed you could send cupcakes by post by a company called Card Cuts – http://www.cardcuts.co.uk/category-784/177.html – having read the reviews, I thought it was worth a try!  I had to be quite careful to leave a gap around the edge of the cupcakes to accommodate the pod that sits over the cakes, and be sure the decoration had plenty of time to dry before posting.  I made a selection of cupcakes – chocolate, sticky toffee, vanilla and strawberry, some in masculine colours and some in new baby colours and boxed them all up with a list of ingredients and a personal message and crossed my fingers!

They were well received – so much so that one recipient ordered some more for his mother’s birthday.  It’s quite a pricey treat because the next-day postage is extortionate (over £7 for weekday deliveries and over £12 for Saturday deliveries!), but definitely a different and very personal gift.

pink-rose-cupcakes-by-post img_6394 img_6393 chocolate-and-blue-themed-cupcakes chocolate-and-blue-cupcakes