If you’ve read earlier posts on the blog or the story of the business, you’ll know that my friend Helen is almost entirely responsible for my career path! Her wedding cake was the first ‘proper’ cake I made 5 years ago and she is again responsible for the business adding another dimension.

We met at NCT classes and her eldest daughter is supposed to be two weeks older than mine, but mine arrived 3 weeks early and hers 18 days late meaning there is exactly a month between them. This year I was incredibly honoured to be asked to host her 11th birthday party at the studio – it was experimental but great fun. We spent around an hour and a half making valentine-themed cupcake toppers (with a star option for the boys – and girls – who felt hearts might be a bit soppy) then we had tea and a rather luxurious drippy chocolate birthday cake before the kids headed home with their wonderful creations and of course some sweets for the journey! my lovely assistant Hannah was on hand to help out and the whole afternoon was a success!

So, as well as adult classes, classes for children and bespoke tuition, Flossie Pops Cakery is now offering birthday parties for up to 10 children in our studio.  Or if you prefer, we can come to your home and run a cupcake decorating session. For more details, please see the Workshops page on our website.