My work is so incredibly varied.  I feel really lucky that one week I’m making popcorn cake pops or a small bicycle to pop on top of a mountain then maybe a handbag or a trainer, or even a hobbit house!  

The thing I love most, however, is making properly pretty cakes, it brings out the girl in me big-time.  I’ve been using Pinterest a lot more recently as there are so many stunning images – I actually prefer it to googling as it’s like someone’s already been through and sifted out the best bits to save you the hassle.  Obviously it also makes me feel unworthy, insecure, envious and all those other pitfalls that social media bring to the party… So everyone else’s houses are more beautiful, more organised, their wardrobes are perfectly coordinated, their cake making abilities are epic and their insight into life is deeply profound…But of course, that’s how everyone feels, so actually it’s ok.  I heard Pinterest described as a collection of completed ideas rather than a medium for inspiration which in my opinion is definitely true.  However, there’s loads of damn good cakes to dribble over!!

I’ve been obsessed with peonies too – they’ve featured in a lot of the wedding shoots I’ve been browsing for ideas and two of my best friends had them as wedding flowers.  They’re beautiful, frilly, blousy, and large so make a perfect single focal flower.  I’ve made three, all slightly different this week, and along with a vintage palette of coral, pink, soft green, duck egg blue and plenty of lace and grossgrain ribbon it’s been one of my favourite weeks since starting Flossie Pops Cakery!
coral-peony-cake-2 coral-peony-cake-closeup coral-peony coral-peony-cake floral-90th-birthday-cake pink-peony vintage-floral-90th-birthday-cake vintage-floral-closeup 90th-birthday-cake-plaque pearl-and-peony-cake-in-duck-egg-blue vintage-pearl-piping-detail pale-pink-peony-detail